Everything and anything can be sex positive. Sex positivity is about a state of mind, not what you do in bed—a fundamental acceptance of what other people do, even if it isn’t for you, without an extra scoop of judgment on top. - Sinclair Sexsmith

Sex is beautiful. I mean sex where all partners are consenting, safer sex, honest sex, heterosexual, homosexual, queer sex, whatever! The human body is beautiful in all of its forms and states, and touching is another appreciation of such things.

This blog contains often "NSFW" pictures of beautiful humans of every gender. Sometimes they will be explicit but sometimes a little left to the imagination can be just as hot. I find bare skin both beautiful and sensual, though not always both at the same time. Whatever floats your boat is fine by me, though this blog contains a lot of what floats MY boat. I will also inevitably include some of my opinions on feminism, race, gender, and sex as related to society today.

Come for the tits, stay for the mind.

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